During the worship service there is a time for the “Offering.”  This is the time when we offer gifts to God with the rest of the congregation.  The money that we give supports all the work of the church.  If you think about it, all that we have is a gift from God—life, food, family and most important, our Savior Jesus!  When we give an offering, we are saying thanks to God for all of these wonderful gifts.  We don’t give because we have to, we give because, in faith, we want to! How much should you give?  As much as you think you are able, willing and challenged to give.  The Bible suggests 10%, but that's between you and God.

Vanco Online Giving Service

Give Online

Click the button below to be directed to our secure online giving site, where you can set up a bank transfer or other electronic giving options. Vanco operates our "Simply Giving" electronic transfer program for regular giving.

Giving via SmartPhone

Download Vanco APP for Giving!

Download the FREE "GIVE + Vanco" app.  You will now be able to give to CTS using your credit or debit card!  A minimum donation of $3 is required. If you need help, call client services at 800-675-7430 and press 1 when prompted. VANCO Text Giving

VANCO Text Giving

Make a contribution to CTS Lutheran Church with a quick text message to VANCO. 

Simply send a text to 262-885-4624 with the amount you would like to contribute. Make sure to include the dollar sign before the amount, example: $25. Within a few minutes, you'll be sent a text with a link to register. Click on the link and enter your cardholder name and credit or debit card information. Once your registration is complete, you'll receive a text verification and a receipt via email. For future giving, simply send a text with the amount you wish to give, and it will process automatically!

If you'd like to designate a gift to the World Hunger Appeal, text "[$amount] Hunger". If you'd like to designate a gift to Debt Retirement, text "[$amount] Debt".