Greetings, CTS Family!
Grace and peace to you from everyone at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church.

We pray that you and your family are well. 

Below are a few things that we published during Holy Week.

These days the majority of us are spending long days at home. The pages below are an invitation to engage in some activities together with other CTS members on the same day, in our respective homes.

May the God of all love and peace be with you.
Stay strong. Be well. Love boldly. Jesus loves you and so do I!

                                                    --Pastor Diane 


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Palm Sunday:  Palm Leaf Cutout (green)

                                 Palm Leaf Cutout (black/white)

                                              Palm Sunday Hosanna Coloring Sheet

Suggested Activities for Week:      Holy Week at Home

                                                                               Monday:           A suggestion for a daily practice

                                                                               Tuesday:          A suggestion for a daily practice

                                                                               Wednesday:    A suggestion for a daily practice

                                                                               Thursday:         A suggestion for a daily practice

                                                                                Friday:             A suggestion for a daily practice

                                                                                Saturday:         A suggestion for a daily practice

                                                                       Maundy Thursday:    Who's Who of Holy Week Match Game

                                                                                                            Holy Week People Word Search

                                                                       Good Friday:            Easter Cross Coloring Sheet

                                                                                                         Holy Week Places Word Search

                                                                                                         Holy Week People 2 Word Search

                                                                        Saturday Vigil:       People of Holy Week Crossword

                                                                                                        Places of Holy Week Crossword

                                                                                                         Objects of Holy Week Crossword

                                                                       EASTER SUNDAY:   Easter Butterfly Coloring Sheet

                                                                                                         Easter Sunday Flat Jesus

                                                                       NOTE for Flat Jesus: if you like you can color it as a reminder that Jesus is always with you.

                                                                        You may also take pictures of Flat Jesus with you doing the rituals of your day.

                                                                         If you do, we’d love to see a picture or two.

                                                                        Let me know and we’ll figure out a way to share it with others.