Sunday School

Christ the Servant Lutheran Church welcomes children 4K through 5th grade to Sunday School following our 9:30 Sunday service from 10:45 to 11:45 AM each Sunday throughout the school year. 

We use Living the Word: Teaching Kids God’s Story curriculum developed by Spirit and Truth Publishing, which coincides with the narrative lectionary used in the Sunday services and includes:

 “Learning the Story” presents the bible lesson in a variety of formats and learning styles, including video, to actively involve the children.

“Living the Story” puts the story into practice in the home and community. Children also participate in local and international stewardship programs.

Related crafts, games, and snacks enhance the “story” and make learning fun.

Parents are welcome to visit classes and there is always a need for teachers. The curriculum is very user friendly, all materials are supplied, and scheduling is very flexible. 

Why we love sunday school

Girl, age 8 said, "I like doing projects and learning songs to sing in church."

Boy, age 5 said, "I like doing coloring projects and playing games that go with the story."

Mary, mother of two, "I really like that the lessons bring the stories to a level kids can understand. The variety of activities, projects, and games provide something that appeal to everyone, and they reinforce the story of the day."