Faith Formation

Christ the Servant offers a variety of faith formation opportunities for all ages, including Sunday school, youth group, confirmation, first communion classes, and adult studies.  

Sunday School

Christ the Servant Lutheran Church welcomes children in 4K through 5th grade to Sunday School following our 9:30 Sunday service from 10:45 to 11:45 am each Sunday throughout the school year. We use Living the Word: Teaching Kids God’s Story Curriculum developed by Spirit and Truth Publishing, which coincides with the narrative lectionary used in the Sunday services and includes:

  • Into the Story engages the kids in the topic that will be presented during the Bible story.
  • Bible Nuts and Bolts teaches the students interesting information about the Bible.
  • Learning the Story presents the bible lesson in a variety of formats and learning styles, including video, plays, stories, and games to actively involve the children.
  • Living the Story puts the story into practice in the home and community. Children also participate in local and international stewardship programs.
  • Additional Activities includes related crafts, games, and snacks that enhance the story and make learning fun.
  • Sending the Story draws a conclusion to the lesson and ends in prayer.

Parents are welcome to visit and help in classes, supply snacks and drinks, and even become teachers. The curriculum is user friendly, materials are supplied, and scheduling is very flexible.

Youth Group

The members in the youth group at CTS are welcoming and excited to have new friends join them on their faith journey.  All youth from 6th-12th graders are invited and accepted into the youth group.  We meet on the second and fourth Sunday of each month in our youth room from 10:45-11:45am.  Our bimonthly gathering is set in a relaxed, safe, nonjudgmental environment where we can grow in our faith and community together.  Our typical gathering starts with a go around-the-room to catch up on the recent highs and lows.

We have discussions on a wide range of topics:

  • Personal impact of current local, national, and worldly events
  • “Wrestling with the text” - Interpretation of sermons, lessons, or readings
  • Impromptu conversations with peers
  • Conversation about service projects and fundraisers

Throughout the year the members in the group agree upon and participate in fun events and service projects.  Our fundraisers help pay for camps, mission trips, and the triennial ELCA Youth Gathering, and our service projects help us to connect with people in our community who need support.


Most of all, we strive to grow our relationships with each other and Christ to create a solid foundation of faith, community, and friendships.

Youth Group CALENDAR 

Adult Education

Growing in faith is a life-long journey. Most of us can barely remember what we were supposed to be learning back in Confirmation - and many of us didn't grow up in the church anyway. CTS wants to encourage and empower people of all ages and stages to learn together.  Bible studies and adult forums are scheduled throughout the year--check the calendar for details.

CTS Calendar