CTS Cancelling INDOOR Sunday ServiceS


Saturday, October 10, 2020


Dear Members of CTS, 

    Bishop Erickson put out the following message on October 8th: 



October 8, 2020

Friends in Christ,

In recent weeks we have experienced a significant increase in COVID-19 positive test results, hospitalizations, and deaths. In response, our governor has issued an executive order limiting the size of indoor gatherings. While religious organizations are legally exempt from this order, I am strongly urging all our congregations to refrain from gathering indoors for worship and other activities until mid-November at the earliest.

A survey of synod congregations taken in early September revealed that 37% of our congregations were conducting indoor in person worship at that time. Even though I am confident that safety protocols have been in place, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk that gathering for indoor worship entails. I recognize that congregations may already have plans in place for this weekend that may not be possible to change, but I encourage you all to consider discontinuing indoor worship services as soon as you are able. We all need to do our part to help slow the spread of this disease.

In Christ,

Bishop Paul Erickson


It is with heavy hearts the Executive Committee has determined the need to cancel indoor services for this coming Sunday, 10/11/2020. We will continue to evaluate the COVID situation on a week to week basis.


We considered the following criteria to come to this decision:

Bishop Erickson's message

Governor Evers' new mandate on gatherings

The increase in percentage of positive COVID cases in Waukesha and the surrounding counties.

Sunday Morning worship will continue to be livestreamed at 9:30 a.m. on Facebook.


The Executive Committee would like to sincerely thank all the volunteers who have worked so hard and committed their time to make our drive-in and indoor services, as well as our virtual services, possible to this point. It is our hope that we will be needing your gifts and talents again in the near future.


This was not an easy decision to come to at this time. The COVID pandemic continues to be a very fluid situation in Wisconsin. It is our intent to get us back to indoor services as soon as feasible given the circumstances. Please keep each other in your prayers.


Please feel free to reach out to the Executive Committee (Pastor Diane, Don Kretlow, Jim Saladin, Susan Kelly, or Anne Felton).



CTS Executive Committee


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There are a million reasons not to go to church: It's one more thing to add to an already overloaded schedule. "Christians" in the news aren't always the people you want to associate with. Memories of being bored or uncomfortable in the church of your youth. Church people can be really cliquey and judgmental. We get it.

At Christ the Servant, we try to do better. Let's be honest: as individuals and a congregation, we all have a ways to go in learning to be the kinds of disciples Jesus calls us to be. But we are on a journey: We strive to truly welcome all people - not with judgmental distance or inauthentic smothering, but with an earnest invitation to discover together what it means to be loved back to life by Jesus Christ. 

Created to Worship

We gather for worship, not to be entertained, but to be fed by the Living Christ in Water, Wine, Wheat, and Word. We seek to grow in our faith and discipleship. And we are privileged to have God give our lives meaning and purpose as forgiven people sent into the world to serve strangers and friends alike.

If church has left a bad taste in your mouth, you're not alone. Most of us have been there, too. But we remain a group of broken people seeking wholeness and purpose that we can't find anywhere other than the Table of Grace. Stop by sometime; taste and see that God is not through with you yet.

Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, ELCA

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