Indoor worship is returning to CTS on September 13, 2020


Worship will have a different look than it has in the past. There will be some protocols that we will need to follow. More about that coming soon.


We will be in need of volunteers to help with the service. We will be sending out descriptions of what help is needed. Please consider pitching in if you are able.


Some of you have asked about the results of the recent survey. Due to the size of the survey, we are making it available on the website. You can find it here on the website by clicking on the Members Section above.


We are all anxiously awaiting the resumption of indoor worship in our beautiful and newly repaired sanctuary.


We will notify you of any changes.


Yours in Christ,

CTS Church Council

TO SEE VIDEOS ON this Website:

    Click on “Worship VIDEOS” on menu at top of page and you will be taken to Sunday Service Videos. Follow directions at top of that page.



    1. Go to FAR LEFT COLUMN on FB page, under the CTS Cross Logo.

    2.  Go to the 6th word down:  Videos

    3. CLICK on Videos; scroll down a little. You will see ALL the past videos that CTS has downloaded. Just click on one to start the video.



Put in “christtheservantwaukesha” in Search box at top of page. All CTS Videos should come up. Click on one and enjoy!


    CTS drive-in service

    August 23, 10:15 am

    You are invited to bring your own communion elements and chairs so you can participate in the Meal and sit alongside your car. While group singing isn't an option at this point, congregational responses and reciting the Lord's Prayer will be allowed. Masks will be encouraged but not required for these outdoor gatherings.  


    Drive-in Service Absolutes:

    • If you are not feeling well, please stay home.
    • The building will be locked - no access for anyone
    • Restrooms will not be available
    • Cars will be "stagger parked" so no car windows are within
      6 feet of another car
    • We will suggest that car windows be "cracked open"  to hear
      the service
    • Masks are highly encouraged
    • No singing
    • No offering
    • Service will be no longer than 25 minutes
    • Order of worship will be sent out ahead of time so, please print at home or load to your device. A few will be available, for those unable to print at home.

    We are excited to be able to offer this type of service while maintaining social distancing for the health and safety of all. The service will also be streamed -Facebook Live, and the regular on-line service will be available for those unable to attend the drive-in service.



    The Drive-in Service will be weather permitting. 

    STAY AT HOME is in effect

    at cts until further notice.

    To see VIDEOS produced at CTS, please click on "Worship VIDEOS" on menu at top of page.



    There are a million reasons not to go to church: It's one more thing to add to an already overloaded schedule. "Christians" in the news aren't always the people you want to associate with. Memories of being bored or uncomfortable in the church of your youth. Church people can be really cliquey and judgmental. We get it.

    At Christ the Servant, we try to do better. Let's be honest: as individuals and a congregation, we all have a ways to go in learning to be the kinds of disciples Jesus calls us to be. But we are on a journey: We strive to truly welcome all people - not with judgmental distance or inauthentic smothering, but with an earnest invitation to discover together what it means to be loved back to life by Jesus Christ. 

    Created to Worship

    We gather for worship, not to be entertained, but to be fed by the Living Christ in Water, Wine, Wheat, and Word. We seek to grow in our faith and discipleship. And we are privileged to have God give our lives meaning and purpose as forgiven people sent into the world to serve strangers and friends alike.

    If church has left a bad taste in your mouth, you're not alone. Most of us have been there, too. But we remain a group of broken people seeking wholeness and purpose that we can't find anywhere other than the Table of Grace. Stop by sometime; taste and see that God is not through with you yet.

    Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, ELCA

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