Christ the Servant is governed by a strong church council consisting of the pastor and 10 members of the congregation and is organized by a number of committees, each represented by a council member to assure a fluid relationship between council, committees, and congregational members.  Executive functions are performed by the pastor and Executive Committee (officers) of the CTS Council with oversight by the council and the congregation.  In addition, there are several ad-hoc committees that are organized and meet as needed.  One of them is the nominating committee, which is responsible for recommending new members to the council, whose approval will be voted on by the congregation at the following annual meeting.  A membership committee annually reviews and updates the congregational roster.  And the personnel committee is responsible for recommending job candidates to the Congregation Council and overseeing all aspects of employment for staff members once their hiring is approved by the council.

Christ the Servant’s location and beautiful grounds are enjoyed by members and visitors alike.  CTS is located on approximately 5.5 acres of land, and includes a beautiful memorial garden, which is used for summer worship services and allows for a relaxing time for prayer.  The property committee meets periodically to assess needs and provide maintenance for the building and grounds.  Volunteers can help with the spring clean-up, general maintenance in the building and outside, and provide technical assistance.