Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, ELCA

Where all are Welcome


    It's one more thing to add to an already overloaded schedule. "Christians" in the news aren't always the people you want to associate with. Memories of being bored or uncomfortable in the church of your youth. Church people can be really cliquey and judgmental. We get it.


    At Christ the Servant, we try to do better. Let's be honest: as individuals and a congregation, we all have a way to go in learning to be the kinds of disciples Jesus calls us to be. But we are on a journey: We strive to truly welcome all people - not with judgmental distance or inauthentic smothering, but with an earnest invitation to discover together what it means to be loved back to life by Jesus Christ. 


    We gather for worship, not to be entertained, but to be fed by the Living Christ in Water, Wine, Wheat, and Word. We seek to grow in our faith and discipleship. And we are privileged to have God give our lives meaning and purpose as forgiven people sent into the world to serve strangers and friends alike.


    If church has left a bad taste in your mouth, you're not alone. Most of us have been there, too. But we remain a group of broken people seeking wholeness and purpose that we can't find anywhere other than the Table of Grace. Stop by sometime; taste and see that God is not through with you yet.


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Worship Protocols - updated 6.1.22

Masks: Due to the relatively low number of new COVID cases in Waukesha County and the availability of vaccines and boosters for many, masks are optional.


Seating: Every pew will be open for seating,


Singing:  Congregational singing will be allowed.


Offering: The ushers will pass the offering baskets to the congregational members.  During the offertory song, the monetary gifts will be taken up to the altar by the ushers. 


Sharing the Peace: People are encouraged to share and receive the peace in any manner they feel comfortable.


We Care Books:  During the offering, members and visitors are asked to sign the We Care books and pass them along to their neighbors.  Feel free to make introductions during the process. 


Communion: Communion will be offered to all regardless of age or faith tradition and it will be offered at the rail. The ushers will indicate when it is time for people in each row to move toward the altar and then kneel or stand by the communion rail.  Pastor will hand out the communion bread, which is gluten free, and the deacon will hold a tray of communion cups (red liquid is wine, and the white liquid is grape juice), and each participant will take a cup.  Both the pastor and the deacon will share the words of promise with anyone who comes forward.  If anyone would prefer a blessing, arms should be crossed in front of the chest.  After participating in Communion folks may discard the empty cup in the basket that is in each aisle and return to their seats. 


Bathrooms: The bathrooms throughout the building are open.


Nursery: At this time the nursery is unstaffed, but parents may access it or the toys at any time, while supervising their child/children.  As surely as the infant Jesus cried and screamed in the manger, we want you and your child to be in worship. The sounds, all sounds, of children in worship are sounds to be celebrated.


Community: To demonstrate love and care for one another, we ask that you follow these protocols. If you aren’t comfortable following them, we ask you to worship with us via our livestream on Facebook Live.


Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, ELCA

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