Pr Casey sugden

Pastor Casey was ordained in 2016 and knew early on he was called to intentional interim ministry. His core beliefs about the church are that 1. Church should be fun. 2. We are called to love each other and work for justice and equity in response to God's love for us. His favorite book in the Bible is Acts because it depicts the church after Jesus ascended into heaven, and there is a lot of hope in the community of believers found in Acts. 

He has a bachelor's degree in religion with emphases in church history

and christian ethics from Carthage College and a masters of divinity from Luther Seminary. He is working on an MBA at UW Whitewater. 

When not working on church things, Pastor Casey can usually be found driving too fast in his bright red mustang, listening to Jimmy Buffett, watching Star Wars or trying to pet other people's dogs. 

Ellen Imp

Ellen Imp joined our team as Administrative Assistant in August 2015. She lives in Wind Lake with her husband Mike and enjoys spending time with her family which consists of a married daughter with a 3 year old son, a daughter in NC and 3 stepchildren here. All these grandchildren keep grandma quite busy and also keep grandma young at heart!

Jennifer Hauser

In addition to leading the congregation in song and directing the praise band and adult choir as our Music Director, Jennifer teaches choir and music in the Waukesha Public Schools. She and her spouse have three children.