Ellen Imp

Ellen Imp joined our team as Administrative Assistant in August 2015. She lives in Waterford with her husband Mike and enjoys spending time with her family which consists of a married daughter in NYC, a daughter in NC and 3 stepchildren here. Her daughter has a new baby boy and her stepdaughter has 3 children who also keep grandma young at heart!


Jonel Snider

Jonel grew up at CTS and has been working to bring generations together to have fun, grow in faith, and serve the community for the last few years as Cross + Generational Ministry Coordinator. When she's not planning fund-raisers and leading youth in thoughtful/faithful conversations, she's raising two boys with her husband and running her own hair salon in Waukesha.


Jennifer Hauser

In addition to leading the congregation in song and directing the praise band and adult choir as our Music Director, Jennifer teaches choir and music in the Waukesha Public Schools. She and her spouse have three children.